•   U.S. Coast Guard  licensed captain
  •   Life-long sailor
  •   Author
  •   Highly respected and knowledgable in all aspects of sailing 
  •   Award winning racer
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Captain Ron Schaper grew up in a commercial fishing family, spending summers on a small island in New York's Great South Bay off of the south shore of Long Island. He started sailing at the age of five, and, by the time he was a teenager, he was teaching sailing on Fire Island. A
fter graduating from Colgate University he started sailing professionally, delivering sailing yachts transatlantic and to and from the Caribbean. He learned celestial navigation and spent five years employed as the captain of a 72 foot ketch. Captain Ron has cruised and raced sailing yachts worldwide and has had many adventures on the water that he enjoys writing about. His work has been published in numerous boating magazines:

            - Sailing
           - Cruising World
           - Good Old Boat
           - National Fisherman
           - Ocean Navigator
           - Sail
           - Yachting

Captain Ron is a member of a number of
prestigious sailing organizations including

the international Storm Trysail Club and 
the Cruising Club of America. He is also very
active locally with the Hillsboro Inlet Sailing
Club, one of Florida's largest clubs of its kind.




Selected published articles by Capt. Ron:

 “Do What to the Stays’l Halyard?”  has us sailing a 257 foot clipper ship in the Trans-Atlantic Race. Sailing Magazine, November 2005.Sailing_Magazine_Stad_Amsterdam.pdf
666.8 KB

In Hot Water” effective use of the gulf stream means a race win for a heavy boat. Sailing Magazine, November 2005.Hot_Water.pdf
1016.1 KB

One Wednesday Night in America” beer can races are always fun. Sailing World, July 2009.One_Wednesday_Night_in_America2.pdf
296.1 KB

Shaft Seal Squeal” tip on burping air-bound water lubricated shaft seal. Sail Magazine, September, 2009.Sail_Magazine_Sept.2009.pdf
555.0 KB

So Much For Shortcuts” young sailors push an old catboat to the limits. Yachting Magazine, November 2009Yachting_Shortcuts_to_the_Islands.pdf
1.1 MB

Jonah on Board” reveals the travails of problem beset sail from Florida to Europe. Cruising World, July 2010.Jonah.pdf
1.4 MB

Written on the Wind” my early marine weather education was from my mom and dad. National Fisherman, September 2011.National_Fisherman_Sept._2011_Page_12.pdf
272.0 KB

 “Schooners to Speedboats” how the Bermuda Race has changed. Voyages, Chronicles of the Cruising Club of America, 2011.CCA_Voyages1.pdf
883.4 KB

Sea Room” a sudden need for steering while racing along the Florida Keys.

790.5 KB

Enchanted Polynesia
943.5 KB

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